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How to create a Crestron Control System overview by using a Topology Diagram

Hi. I’m Kevin from A-Knowledge. Let’s talk about a Crestron topology diagram. When we started creating this, we were looking at a network topology diagram which some of you might know. The idea of the topology is to get one overview of your entire system. Now, we’ve been using this as a start to a new project. We will be putting down the control systems, what it’s used for, and all the different connections to it. Now if you look here with the simple example, is you’ve got a CP3 on top, which is the main control system, and it has different connections to it: IP, CRESNET, IR, and obviously, it can be expanded with many more items. At the bottom, AV3 responsible for lighting control with, you can see, an IP connection to the KNX system.

So, not only as system architecture, but also for the support process, this has proven real use in real life. Imagine being a support person. You get a call, you want to understand how the system is set up. You just open it up, look at the topology diagram, and try to easily identify the issue or where to look for it. So it has been real useful to us. 

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