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New Updates On Our Crestron Sonos Module

New updates on our Crestron Sonos module

We just released a new update on our Crestron Sonos (Lite) module. It now supports live feedback for transport controls and volume including cover art!

The module is extremely easy to implement and performs remarkably well. We crash tested it on one RMC-3 targeting three Sonos players and didn’t experience the slightest hick up.

You can download the module at

Version changes
This is an update on our Sonos Lite V4.X module. Customers that purchased the Lite module before can update for free. Together with this release we stopped distributing our Sonos Full Control V3.2 module. The 3.2 was written in Simpl+ and became obsolete compared to the performance we get from Crestron’s Simpl# environment. We are planning to further evolve our Lite module to include more features and eventually deliver it with full browsing capabilities. Therefore, since V5.0 we stripped the “Lite” from the name.

The only way forward now is with this Sonos Control module based on Simpl#. No difference will be made towards Lite or Full control. Anyone buying in on the module now will eventually get the features of the full module for free.

With this release we introduce our Device Licenses. Each purchase will be licensed to 1 processor by MAC address. You may use any number of instances of a Device Licensed module in one processor. Any prior purchase is automatically converted to a valid license providing all future updates for free.

Upon purchase you can immediate download the module and start using it for testing purposes. It will remain active for 2 hours on every program restart. To fully unlock the module go to ‘My Purchases’ at and complete your license with the processor’s MAC address.  This allows developers to purchase the module, used it during development on different processor and only license the module on the eventual customer’s processor.

Let us know what you think!


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