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Crestron’s New Approach To Fusion

Crestron’s new approach to Fusion

This year the Crestron Masters training introduced a new concept in Europe allowing all attendees to put together his/her own program to their own interests. A-Knowledge supports several Fusion sites and has some new Fusion projects in the pipeline, so I went to all Fusion classes to see what’s new.

Crestron announced their cloud solution of Fusion at ISE earlier this year. No more working out all the details with IT departments and DBA’s to try and get the Fusion server up and running. All you need to do is fill in an application form, send it to Crestron and put the unique Fusion URL you receive in your browser to get started. Crestron will host this service in the cloud and as such takes care of requirements, performance and scalability. At this moment Fusion Cloud is only released in the US. Due to the several data privacy laws in Europe to overcome, expected is that it will be available here from July.

In general Fusion Cloud will have all the same functions as the current version, although it has some limitations on the scheduling and E-Control part. For now at least, scheduling solutions like Lotus Notes and R25 will not work with Fusion Cloud. E-Control functionality will require some port forwarding in able to reach the on premises control systems. Fusion will still be available for on premises installation in case some of these specific functions are required or when security measurements of the customer do not allow for cloud hosted services. In such case Crestron will assist during the installation of Fusion to make sure everything is set up correctly.

Until now Fusion was a onetime buy product. Crestron is changing this to a monthly, yearly or 3-yearly fee with a 3 year contract, just like you would buy, for example, Office365 from Microsoft.

With Fusion Cloud, Crestron commits themselves to even better support their customers. But how will they do this?

Crestron will be involved from the beginning of the project and will put together a Fusion team per project. This team will help out with sales, deployment and support.

  • Sales & Project Definition

Crestron will provide guidance during the design process to find out the needs and deliver solutions which will result in a validated design. Responsibilities will be described so everyone involved knows what is expected from them.

  • Deployment

Crestron has put a lot of work in making the programming part of Fusion more standard. Once the Fusion hooks in the programming are in place the code is send to Crestron for review of the Fusion programming.

  • Support

After the project is deployed Crestron will follow up periodically to make sure Fusion is used as described during project startup.


With Crestron further  stepping up their game, they aim for every Fusion instance to be setup correctly and come to an acceptance plan so all involved parties know what to expect. This way everyone can focus on their key strengths and successfully deliver Fusion, so every end user has a consistent Fusion experience.

All of this looks very promising and A-Knowledge is looking forward to contribute to this new approach of Fusion.

Let us know if we can help you in any way, setting up your next Fusion integration.

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