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Introducing Our Monitoring Service

Introducing our Monitoring service

We’re proud to officially announce the A-Knowledge Monitoring Service. Our Monitoring Service is added to our range of existing services to make the full range complete; we now have everything in place to support our partners from the beginning of the project till the end of it. Well, this is actually the idea of our new service: a project never finishes. Once the project implementation is signed off by the client, it enters the support phase.

This new service is a result of our continuous investment in development and professionalism. Since Robin joined us July 1st 2014, we’ve tested the viability of this idea. Ever since that day, we’ve always had at least 1 Crestron Certified Programmer in our office during business hours, ready to provide help. This can only be realized by decent project planning and determination to support a system (read client) in need. With our testing the past months, we’re very pleased to continue with the expansion of this service.

We use different monitoring tools, varying from Crestron proprietary tools, like Fusion,  to monitoring tools used by IT professionals. The choice for the monitoring tool is made together with the client, based on the client’s needs and obviously the IT and security policy. The common factor in this is our guaranteed response time based on the client’s expectations. These monitoring tools can be installed in a shared environment or on premises.

The monitoring tools offer different ways of alerting in case a critical asset of an AV system exhibits an issue. Our office is equipped with a display, always displaying the status of our monitored systems at the client’s premises. The monitoring tools are configured with audible alerts so our attention gets drawn immediately to a failure in a system.

We server our current client base from our office in Belgium but our client’s system can be anywhere in the world. Having remote access allows us to virtually do anything to solve the issue through the software. By partnering with local integrators, we always have a back-up in case we need to have a physical intervention on site.

With our 4 Crestron Certified Programmers in-house we are able to provide a high quality and unique service, comforting our clients that they are being assisted by a qualified engineer whenever they need it. We provide them a peace of mind for their AV system.

Let us know in case you interested in our service and we’ll happily help you further.



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