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“Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can’t, Teach.” Right?

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” Right?

Wrong! As a well known player in the areas of enabling networks for AV and video, we can log countless hours of on-site visits. Our daily work is mostly focused on the to-do aspect of the job. However we find it important to make time to train other people as well. Sharing is caring! When we share our knowledge freely, we never stop to think whether it is a good idea to let other people benefit from our expertise. Au contraire! We believe it drives us to be better and pushes us to be one step ahead at all times.


We proudly have a role in the following courses:

InfoComm NAVS training

With the InfoComm Training we target AV professionals. Specialists who, regardless of their long work history in the AV world, feel the need to educate themselves in the evolving domain of networks, routers, VPN’s, VLAN’s and many more. The time of proprietary protocols and serial communication is not yet behind us but is slowly giving way to a time of network standards. We teach these “old hands” what a network is and hand them the know-how to use it.


Bond AV course

The Bond Course is specifically set up for the crew personnel of the private super yachts. They are the first to be confronted with possible problems on their systems, which is why we provide them with background information and knowledge for basic debugging. After finishing this course they can solve elementary problems and transfer us correct and concrete information, if ever the problems are more complicated. They are, after all, our eyes and ears “on the ground” (pun intented).


For InfoComm we are looking forward to the new training which we help develop as we speak. And ISE 2016, of course, where we will give a daily presentation at the InfoComm booth. See you there!

Also together with Bond, our training chapter is far from finished. With all of the positive feedback we are getting, there is certainly room for a more advanced course. A Bond AV Course 102, so to say… food for thought.

Keep  following us for more information!

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