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Sensory Rooms At Het Balanske

Sensory Rooms at Het Balanske


Sometimes you come across projects that really stand out. Projects you find beautiful and satisfying, where your part in them leaves you with a sense of pride. To us, one of those projects was the programming of the sensory rooms at Het Balanske.

Het Balanske organizes leisure activities for children with a disability. Leisure activities which guide, stimulate and trigger these children by way of sensory rooms. They are pioneers on this subject and have a leading role for the rest of Europe and we at A-Knowledge are proud to have played a part in it.

“Sometimes you come across projects that really stand out.”

In these rooms different Crestron-products control projection, sound, lights and interactive software. We were asked by one of our partners to steer these different aspects with the use of a central system. By programming the Crestron system efficiently, it became easier for non-technical personnel to work the rooms. Instead of turning on different fuses, using switches to activate sound and light and manually starting the PC, they now boot up the system by simply pressing one button on their touchscreen.

witteruimte1There are 6 different sensory rooms, a hallway and an entrance. They challenge the children to interact via their senses. They can see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Think vibrating plates, motiondetectors, speakers under a bed, tactile toys, pirate murals, music, light, bass, projections, rotating platforms surrounded by mirrors. They even have a full blown wellness  where children literally “dive” in the experience of water and warmth!

The interactive projection room is by far the most memorable. Here custom made software pushes the children to interact by way of infrared detection. In one of the sequences, leaves are projected on the floor. With each step you hear the leaves crisp and watch them float away, as if the children kick them up themselves. And if they look closely at the projection on the wall, they can “push” away some bushes and find the little dog that was hiding from them. Our system lets you choose a sequence and goes to work accordingly. It tells the 3 projectors what to show on the 180° curved walls and floor, adjusts the lights and runs the software with the matching audio.

All of this was realized by combining:

  • music/audio players
  • custom build software
  • 180° projection
  • interactive lighting
  • Crestron touch panels

It was thanks to the combined efforts of the integrator, Dreamworks, and the developer of the interactive software that we could give the sensory rooms what they deserved. A job well done! In the years to come we will remember and look back on this project with great pleasure.

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