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Fullfiling Expectations

Fullfiling expectations

When presented with a project opportunity, accepting it and delivering as requested is one thing, providing your customer with a reliable and – above all – available service is a different challenge all together.

As the products and systems we work with keep getting more complex, customer expectations are always increasing and nowadays tend to span an installation’s complete lifetime. It is often so that during that lifetime small changes or even added functionality is desired. Even without such additional requests, customers have grown accustomed to services provided much like those offered in IT environments. They feel comfortable with a partner that is available to them and actively monitors their systems so problems can be addressed fast or even pro-actively.

That is why we feel that in our industry there is much to gain from working with a team of professionals that can fill in for each other when needed. Some of our colleagues in the market achieve exactly this by working closely together as  independent programmers. We have been lucky enough to be part of such a team in the past and have witnessed first hand the good things that come out of such partnerships.

In addition, A-Knowledge aims to achieve such reliability as a company. We are proud to present a team of 4 certified Crestron Programmers that provide a unique service to the market and we aim to expand our team still in the near future.

At all times our customers can call in on our support line to find one of our colleagues available to assist them. All activities on projects and support cases are centrally logged and available for each technician so that he can pick up where a colleague left off.

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