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Why You Might Need WireShark To Deploy Crestron CEN-NSP-1

Why you might need WireShark to deploy Crestron CEN-NSP-1

Over the years we integrated several CEN-NSP-1’s in our Crestron systems. Obviously, for the CEN-NSP-1 to stream audio from an internet radio station it needs an internet connection. But what if the IT department of a company limits all outgoing traffic? In this case we need to know exactly how the CEN-NSP-1 connects to the internet so the IT department can allow this type of outgoing traffic.

We made a setup that mirrors all traffic from the CEN-NSP-1 to a PC running Wireshark. This way we can see all traffic going back and forth from the CEN-NSP-1. When selecting a radio station from the user interface a request for the radio station URL is send to the vTuner audio service on HTTP port 80. The vTuner service responds back with the radio station URL so the CEN-NSP-1 knows where to connect to.

The connection to the radio station in our example is made on on port 8000 and the stream is received.


The IT department now knows which outbound connections need to be allowed on their system in able to let the CEN-NSP-1 work.

Fun fact. During the Wireshark session we browsed several radio stations. Using the IO Graph utility from Wireshark we can tell how long we listened to the different radio stations. 

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