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Pack a closer look – Part I: Front End

Hi, in this video, I would like to tell you a bit more about our PACK solution. PACK is a rapid Crestron deployment tool developed by A-knowledge that allows you to efficiently roll out your Crestron installation. It is an intuitive web application in which you fully document your entire installation. This data then drives a Crestron processor to automatically build up all necessary user interfaces for a quick and user friendly control over your installation.

“A quick and user friendly approach to controlling all of your devices.”

Thanks to PACK, adding a room or a touch panel is literally done by copy pasting existing functionality. All of these rooms, based on years of experience, come with a ton of out-of-the-box features, that together provide a quick and user friendly approach to controlling all of your devices. What you’re seeing here is our standard, out-of-the-box, in-room experience. It is a neutral layout that we’ve designed in such a way that we can easily re-skin it. We can even re-layout certain objects on the interface based on the customer needs. It houses all of the commonly found functionality within a room. As such, we have control over our AV installation by selecting a source and getting easy control over that source. We can also control our lights, either through individual lighting controls, or by using presets, and we have access to our shades and HVAC controls.

“Easy control of all of your rooms.”

Apart from in-room functionality, we reserved some space on our interface for non-room centric functionality, which we call applications. We can provide the customer with easy access to weather information, or more advanced features, all from within the same interface. Now, more about the AV installation in itself, we give a possibility of delaying power off on your AV zone with our sleep timer functionality, and given the fact that we are in a room right now that has sub-AV zones, we grant easy access to those sub-AV zones, in which we can easily tell them to follow the main AV zone, then mute them individually or perform volume controls. So, all of this is out-of-the-box functionality created by PACK for easy control of all of your rooms.

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