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Crestron Fusion MasterFeed

Crestron Fusion MasterFeed

When setting up capturing in a Crestron Fusion environment, you can set up an FTP server on which recordings need to be uploaded. Generally, you point towards one specific folder on that server and Fusion creates a folder with a random folder name (including a GUID) per recording together with an RSS feed to summarize and link to this recording. In this folder, Fusion then creates subfolders containing different parts of the recording.

To avoid confusing, let me name those folders for further reference:

  • Root folder: The main FTP folder set up in Fusion for uploading all capturing
  • GUID folder: The folder generated by Fusion per recording
  • Subfolders: The subfolders in a GUID folder with different parts of that recording

The problem, apparently, is that Fusion only creates an RSS feed in the GUID folder, but it doesn’t place one in the root folder. Since the name of the GUID folders is dynamically created by Fusion, we therefore don’t have the information to reach the RSS feeds in those GUID folders.

We recently helped a customer with exactly this problem. We created a webservice that, when pointed towards the Root folder, drills down in all GUID folders and generates a “MasterFeed”. This Masterfeed is then returned as standard RSS, and holds an item for each RSS feed found in the GUID folders. It additionally creates a MasterRSS.xml file in the Root folder.

Our webservice accepts one extra depth in the folder structure. So, when you allow users to change the destination for capturing at run time to their personal folder in the Root folder, the webservice will also find those recordings.

We placed an example webpage on our server using this MasterFeed webservice. Feel free to test it and provide your feedback.

MasterFeed Example

This challenge has been reported at Crestron and thus might soon get a solution from within Fusion itself. In the meantime, this is a good workaround.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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