A-Knowledge is proud to introduce Pack!

A complete web based deployment solution that allows you to efficiently manage your entire AV and automation system.

With features for documentation, deployment and support, Pack helps you to easily manage all aspects of your installation.

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Gather and import all information provided by different integrators for all subsystems in the project, such as lighting, AV, HVAC, security ...

Create an overview off all your areas and relate equipment and functionality to those areas


Generate room functionality and touch panel interfaces straight from the web application and easily add new rooms based on existing ones or room types.

Pack greatly reduces resources spent on programming, so more time can invested in proper project management and thorough testing.

Change management

Easily change functionality, such as room setup, lighting loads and presets, AV switching, …

Pack makes it easy to manage and maintain your entire installation.


Pack provides you a click through experience of your entire installation, allowing you to efficiently translate end user fault reports into technical information for the specific installer.

Our responsive web application is tailored to run on any platform and any mobile device.


Pack provides the possibility of running the same software in a variety of rooms, generating bigger mileage on shared fucntionality.

No more testing your software per each room, now you can test the following room using the same program.


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